Is there a charge onboard?
Yes, we have a small charge onboard which covers the setup costs of photography, key safe and welcome book. We take full charge of organising the setup of your property on AirBNB and other booking sites. 


Can I still use the property for my personal use?
Of course, you have unlimited owner bookings. To optimise your income we do ask that you try to avoid using the property during peak booking times but fully understand that it's your home and you like to use it. 


Do I have to deal with guests?
That's our job! We provide full guest support, with each guest available to communicate with a member of our team 7 days a week. In addition we provide an our of hours emergency number. 


Do you provide a linen service?
We have a cleaning and linen service, where the linen is washed and ironed by our team. You can opt to supply your own linen or we provide a linen hire service. Each property needs 3 sets of linen & towels and is preferably white. 


Do you deal with property maintenance?
Should you need us, yes. Some of our clients take full control of inspecting their properties and organising any maintenance work, other clients prefer hands off where we conduct regular inspections and organise works. It's fully up to you how you'd like your property managed. 


How will I know how many bookings I have?
We provide you access to an owner portal where you will be able to clearly see each bookings/dates and booking value. In addition we issue monthly issues with a clear breakdown of the guests and booking value. We believe in open and clear communication and will also endeavor to ensure you are fully aware of your propery's performance.